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Black Nunchaku (Nunchucks) Black Nunchaku (Nunchucks)

These beautiful nunchaku are very unique with a wonderful gold inlaid design in them! Painted meticulously with black lacquer with a beautiful gold inlay design in them. They are sure to be the highlight of any martial artist's day! Order yours today!

Our Price: $21.88
Gloss Wood Nunchaku (Nunchucks) Gloss Wood Nunchaku (Nunchucks)

These wonderfully designed nunchaku are beautifully crafted in hard wood with a black engraving with jewels in them. All hardware is made from high quality stainless materials and are ready for any inspiring martial artist! Order yours today!

Our Price: $21.88
Black Dragon Nunchaku (Nunchucks) Black Dragon Nunchaku (Nunchucks)

These nunchaku have a wonderful inlaid glitter design with a black lacquer paint! High glossed with attention to details. These nunchaku have stainless steel hardware to ensure that your new nunchaku are around for years to come! Order yours today!

Our Price: $21.88
Nunchaku Plastic (Nunchucks) Nunchaku Plastic (Nunchucks)

These clear nunchaku are made from high quality materials. Clear in color with a stainless steel chain and bearing set. These nunchaku are sure to bring a smile to any aspiring martial artist! Order yours today!

Our Price: $32.88